Forums in NewBlur - Original Page Only mode?

I’ve started to add forums to my NewsBlur, so that I can easily keep on top of the communities I’m interested in. However, some of them work and some of them don’t! I’m not looking for a feed of everything that’s posted on these sites, it’s just more helpful to organize them with this site than by using bookmarks. Would it be possible to select ‘original page only’ when adding a website?

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Not sure exactly what you mean by Original site only. You can set the view for each site to either Original or Feed. Each site saves its own view, if different than the default view you have set in Preferences.

Am I understanding you correctly?

Thanks for the quick reply!

It was a suggestion for solving the issue. Some forums I can actually add as if they were feeds, and others can’t be added at all. If there was an option to add a Site as Original Only, it wouldn’t have to be a feed. So it wouldn’t not be added.

Well, that’s an interesting proposition, but how would you know to click on the site if there are no unread counts?

Forums almost always have unread posts, and most of them have a link right to your profile’s monitor of them.

It’s strange though. The Stencyl forums actually work kind of like a feed, with some new posts showing up - but neither the Legend of Grimrock forums or Storybricks forum will add to the reader.

Got the address of those feeds? I can try to figure out why they won’t add.

Sure thing! - works, kinda. - Doesn’t add - Doesn’t add - Doesn’t add

Feel free to backburner this if there are more important things to focus on atm. :slight_smile: - There’s no RSS feed. Looking around the site I couldn’t find one either. - Same deal - Same thing

Looks like none of those have RSS feeds.

I’m curious as to why Stencyl’s forums have an RSS feed. Maybe it was built into the software they use.

That being said, I suppose my original post’s intent boils down to, “Have you considered letting Newsblur add non-RSS enabled websites, but restricting them to Original Page view?”

Well, no, I’ve never considered that. I would think it’s rarely the intent to just have an original site, since you would have no unread counts for it.

If other people say that want something like this (which would complicate the Add Site dialog a bit, since I don’t want to default to an Original-only site if the RSS feed can’t be found), I might consider it.

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Thanks a lot for all the work you put in!