Folders were still displayed after "mark everything read"

When I mark everything read, the folders were still displayed. Eventhough they were empty (no unread items inside).

I always have to manually refresh (pull down) to remove these folders.

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You’re using one of the mobile apps?

For whatever reason this by design in the mobile apps, so users can see what they marked as read or something (because we only have a 5 second memory).

It has been brought up before and it has been pointed out that users who use the unread view mode only want unread sites to show and people who want to see more can use all. It has also been pointed out how it’s completely inconsistent with the way the website works.

The website actually works similarly. When you are in Unread mode and hit 0 unreads, the current site is still highlighted and displayed. On iOS, sites read still show until you pull to refresh.

I’m considering an option so those sites go away on return to the dashboard. It’ll hopefully make it into the iOS 8 app.