Folder's URL takes me to the Dashboard

I noticed that each folder received its own URL. But doesn’t seem to work: the folder’s URL takes me to the Dashboard when accessed directly.

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It should. What’s the URL that’s not working? I didn’t bother building in advanced punctuation handling, so you know. I really made it to make the Everything folder work.

Yes, now I noticed that all the URLs for folders that don’t have a “-” character in their name work fine. But for a folder with “-”, Newsblur stays on the Dashboard.

Also, if I enter a folder’s URL, but I’m not logged in, I’m taken to the Dashboard. Good, but the URL stays in the form Then I login and I’m taken to the Dashboard (and the URL changes to, without the folder’s name) instead of being presented with the folder. I would expect that after login I would be taken to the folder. Or if I enter a folder’s URL and I’m not login, I should be redirected to (without the folder’s name in the URL).

Yeah, that probably won’t be happening, since it’s a lot of work for a bug that barely registers on the annoyance scale. Also, the common case is that you’re already logged in. Worst case is you have to find the folder again.