Folders Not Scrolling - Mac

I can’t see Folders Past “F” …the option to scroll to folders that organize my feeds is not functioning. 

Context: I am a very recent convert from PC to Mac. I have tried opening Newsblur in multiple browsers, but it always happens on my new Macbook. The app and PC website work great, so I’ll continue to use and be a customer…I just am baffled why this happens. And I’d love to be able to read and catch-up while I’m on on my Mac. Perhaps the small screen? 

I have noticed that it’s a common feature on a Mac that you have to slightly hover over an area you would like to scroll before the scroll bar appears…but no amount of hovering makes it appear. And when I try to select a folder and key down, it just scrolls through the articles/feeds in that folder. 

Any advice or reassurance that it’s not just me would be great.

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And as with most things in life, moments after admitting I need help - I figured it out. 

Select the folder and hold “fn” while hitting the down arrow… this will scroll through folders instead of articles in the folder. 

What I do, as I’m also a Mac user, is turn scroll bars on all the time. It’s under System Preferences > General.

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Tech support above and beyond… thanks! (Love the product - recommend every chance I get)

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