Folders look out-of-sync with feeds

This has been happening for a few weeks now, but I just now had time to dive deeper into investigating it.

It looks like folder counts and views of feeds are out-of-sync with the actual feeds in them. I’ll mark a folder as read and then later, some of the articles will show in the list as unread although they’re not reflected in the folder count.

Right now I’m looking at my “Mobile” folder which has two feeds with unread articles. Feed1 has 4 unread and Feed2 has 2 unread. Clicking on the individual feeds shows the unread articles correctly. Clicking on the folder which correctly says there are 6 unread articles, however, actually shows 8 unread (bolded) feed items, two of which were previously marked as read and are indeed marked as read in their respective feed lists. See the attached screenshot for details.

Let me know what other info you need. I can do some debugging but you’ll have to point me to where to look…there’s quite a bit of code =)

*edit* rephrased a few words.

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It’s due to the Oldest-first or Unread-only setting. I’m actively fixing this bug, but it’s complicated.