Folders: Change display order in sidebar

Is there some way I can reorganize the order in which my folders are displayed in the sidebar? I tried dragging and dropping a few folders, but then the dragged folder always ends up as a sub-folder of some other folder.


I am pretty sure I read that this feature is coming soon. However, I agree with this request and would love to have the ability to manually sort both the folders and the feeds within the folders.

Believe it or not, I used to allow this. It was horrendous. Alphabetical folders solved a ton of issues, mainly for the user. If you want manual sort, just add a number to the folder title.

1 - Blogs
2 - Animals Doing Stupid Things
3 - Dogs
4 - Cats

Oh, but it would be great if you can still offer this as a feature that can be turned on and off. Just my 2 cents.

That said, I absolutely love Newsblur and plan to go premium some time soon. :slight_smile:

I suppose that is a workable solution… I’m curious though, what were these tons of issues?

Maybe at least allow drag-and-drop sorting for folders, but not feeds?

I’d suspect that drag-and-drop for folders and for feeds would pretty much be the same thing as far as code is concerned.

As I said with my last comment though, I’d at least be interested in knowing what all the issues are.

True, I’m just guessing that limiting it to folders only might be easier for users to understand. Personally that’s all I really want too, I don’t want to manage the order of all my feeds since I subscribe to a lot.

Could easily allow drag and drop with the elements using Jquery UI draggable, all you’d have to do is save the order on mouse button release.

The number method only gets people so far - anything above ten is presented as 1, 10, 11, 2, 3… Of course, people can label folders 9a, 9b, etc., but it’s an awfully unelegant solution.

Well, that’s how it usually is with alphabetical sort of numbers on a computer. It is alphabetical not numerical so 10 is before 2… If you want to go above ten you should add a zero to numbers smaller than 10.

Numbering is still a bit of a pain compared to just dragging and dropping in your desired order, good thing you don’t have to do it a lot.