Folders Are Not Working

I tried to rename one folder, and then newsblur renamed another folder with the same name.
When I wanted to add a new feed, I couldn’t tell the difference between the two from the dropdown menu, so I tried to rename one of them again.
It still automatically renamed the second one.
So I created a new folder with a different name.
Then I couldn’t move feeds from one folder to another.
So I signed out and sign back in, and now ALL THREE FOLDERS HAVE DISAPPEARED.

Sorry about the yelling. I paid $36 for this yesterday, and its already driving me crazy!!!

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Sorry about that. Dupe folder names have always been a problem. Your best bet is to either restart by reseting your sites and uploading OPML, or asking for a backup from yesterday, which will take a few hours to get.

I’m at work and I don’t have my OPML here.

I’d ask for a backup, but I just loaded all of the sites last night. Will they even be on the backup?

And is this going to get fixed in the near future? Its a pretty big deal for me. I voluntarily paid more than the minimum price for this, and the folders don’t even work…?

You hit an edge case that few other users do. It should also be handled when you rename folders (since the parent folder is passed along). But it can get tricky pretty quickly. Anyway, the nightly backup may have your folders, but if you have an OPML file then I would recommend using that and then renaming the dupe folders.

Look, I’m really smart. I swear. But your answer is confusing!

“It should also be handled when you rename folders (since the parent folder is passed along).”

Isn’t renaming the folders my original problem? Are you just saying that I should try the whole process all over again and maybe it will work next time?

It really depends on the types of dupes. Are the parent folders of the dupe folders dupes themselves?

rename_folder: function(folder_name, new_folder_name, in_folder, callback)

That’s the signature of the rename folder command. It takes both the folder name as well as its parent folder name. If the parent folder is itself a dupe, all bets are off. Which is why I said it should work, but it requires that the dupe-ness be confined to the child folder.