Focus Mode, All Stories Not Loading

This is the one bug keeping me from upgrading to pro and I’ve reported a few times. It occurs on both the web and on Android.

My main way of reading feeds is in Focus mode using All Stories (sorted by unread and oldest).

When I first start going through my feeds, I can read them five at a time then have to reload. Eventually I can only read four before I have to reload. After a while this becomes three, then two, then just one, then none - zero stories load when I hit reload even though I have 100+ unread stories in Focus mode (see the screenshot below).

Considering this is the main way I use the app, the bug is infuriating. I’ve been waiting to see it get fixed before upgrading.

Thank you!

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Actually. I believe this bug is related to not being a paid user. The focus tab does not pull the focused stories out of the feeds, rather it hides non-focused articles. Since the unpaid version of the site doesn’t allow for the “river of news,” it only shows the newest 5 articles. If there are no focused stories in the first five, it shows nothing. This also explains your five-three-two-one-zero situation.

That all said, I’m not staff, so I may be wrong.

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That sorta makes sense, but it’s a bummer if true. Not so much because I can’t use NewsBlur the way I want, but because nowhere does it say this functionality is crippled without upgrading.

If it’s confirmed that’s the cause I’ll definitely upgrade.


Yeah, hopefully you noticed the message at the bottom of the story titles pane, shown above. It says “The full River of News is a premium feature.”

Yes, I did of course see that. But even with that message, the decreasing number of articles is totally unexpected. To a person who doesn’t have the explanation above, it just looks like a bug.

Thanks for the confirmation - will be upgrading.