Focus button disappearing in Firefox 22.0

Hi there!

Moving from Chrome to Firefox, it appears that NewsBlur’s bottom-left ALL - UNREAD - FOCUS buttons have gotten smushed together.

I can’t remember if it has always been this way. Recently I took to installing website-breaking plugins like NoScript and Disconnect, but even when these are disabled I still see this. Screenshot is from Firefox running in Safe Mode.

What should I do?

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In further review, this doesn’t happy on my Win XP Firefox v22.0 at work. I will try a clean install later on my home (Win 7) machine.

Have you tried simply expanding the column width? I’ve done this to myself a few times.

Yeah, it’s just a pixel mismatch, unfortunately, and only on Windows far as I can tell. Resizing the sidebar does the trick.

Yes, it happens at a column width in between where you see the icon with the text and the icon alone. I saw this first on Firefox (25.01) and verified the same behavior in Chrome.

From a normal looking display, as you shrink the column width, it goes from buttons with icons and text to “all messed up” and then to buttons with icons only.

In “all messed up” mode the “All” button slides under the “Unread” button and the “Focus” button is sem-hidden in the background. Very disconcerting and not al all obvious that the column width is to blame.