Flowing text in Consumer Reports

The feed text in the Consumer Reports feed (http://simplefeed.consumerreports.org/) “Link http//simplefeedconsumerreportsorg/lrNewsBlurs100001s37uke2742mt8i727373696e3a687474703a2f2f7777772e636f6e73756d65727265706f7274732e6f72672f6669746e6573732d747261636b6572732f6669746e6573732d747261636b65722d63616e2d62652d676f6f642d65786572636973652d6d6f7469766174696f6ehe687474702533412532462532467777772e636f6e73756d65727265706f7274732e6f72672532466669746e6573732d747261636b6572732532466669746e6573732d747261636b65722d63616e2d62652d676f6f642d65786572636973652d6d6f7469766174696f6e2533464558544b455925334449373252534530”)
 flows off the screen.  I can read it in Story mode, which renders the website (and probably its CMS), but it seems that the big background graphic throws the feed view into superwide mode.

Here’s an example feed that blows out of the window: http://simplefeed.consumerreports.org/l?r=NewsBlur&s=100001s37uke2742mt8&i=727373696e3a68747…

It’s a petty annoyance (as in, not a priority), and I’m going to try to block the big graphics to see if that will change the text over.

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Just an update - yes, if I use Adblock to supress the big background image, the text stays in the window.  It’d be OK if a sidescroll bar showed up, but no such luck.

Can Newsblur resize the image to the current window somehow?