"Fix a misbehaving site" - feeds working fine but not on newsblur

Hi there.

New premium user here and very pleased with service so far. However, I imported my feeds from google reader and there are several which are not working. I have tried all the options on the “Fix a misbehaving site” panel but they are still not working. I have also checked the URL and the feeds (outside of newsblur) and they are working fine. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Yeah, please reply with any feeds that aren’t working. I really just need the RSS feed address and I can check on them for you. Any subset is fine. I’d be happy to tell you why it’s not working.

Hi Samuel,

I’ve got a “misbehaving” feed:

It takes a while (~10 seconds = 2MB) to download using wget, but the resulting file is valid XML (I’ve checked it using Python’s ElementTree).

Thanks in advance - I love NewsBlur!

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/3vfchpc

I’ll add on to the list
works in other readers but not in NewsBlur

Hi there,

I have rss feeds from Factiva that Newsblur can not pick up - google reader was able to get them all. an example feed is below:


Can you help me find a way to get Newsblur to catch this RSS feed please? Thank you


blogspot summary parsed incorrect

I mentioned this in another topic, but The Rational Optimist: http://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog-…



JonDonym Blog: https://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/blog/index.php?/feeds/index.rss2

Any author specific site from German news site taz.de, e.g.:

(The main feeds work though: http://taz.de/!p4608;rss/)

Thanks a lot in advance for a fix! :slight_smile:

Suppose I’ll reply to this one, too: I’m having an issue with all Craigslist feeds I’m subscribed to throwing up regular 403 responses. Feeds appear to work fine when I view the links in browser, but not in NewsBlur:

Some of these have gone days without a 200 response.

Any news on this? Will Newsblur will get fixed to support the feeds named above?

Any feed that you want me to check should be run through the RSS Validator. Those feeds above don’t validate.



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Craigslist feeds should work again. It’s on their end, but it affects every RSS reader. They go down a week or so a year.

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry, I didn’t know these feeds don’t validate as Firefox has no problems dealing with them. I contacted the support of the publishers.