First folder missing on iPhone


I have created several folders on But no matter what I do, the feeds from the first folder (ie. the top one on the feedlist) does not show up on the iPhone and all its feeds are displayed as if they were in no folder at all.

I have changed the order of folders as well as their names without any success.

Please advise.


I have the same problem, my “AAAMustRead” Folder is not visible, all Feeds pinned to the “Everything” at the top. That means, I can’t mark that folder unread and instead have to go through each feed separately.

Yup, it’s a known issue. I’m holding off on pushing a release for a few weeks so I can focus on the social branch. I could be convinced otherwise, but a couple other people have mentioned the same issue. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I don’t think it would be too difficult to get to the root of the issue and push out a point release.

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It’s not a dealbreaker for me, so I’m fine with an update within the next weeks. Thanks for the clarification.

I agree, I mostly use the normal desktop/website version anyway.

Whew, finally fixed this issue. See this thread for details:….

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