First 3 stories aren't marked as read automaticaly

As the title says, is started happening 2 days ago. First 3 stories in folder aren’t marked read when I scroll over them. It happens always now, not sure if it’s for all folders or not, but it’s for most of them.


So, any solution for this? It’s getting increasingly annoying to have to mark story as read manually in every folder.

Are you on the Original view? Is it trying to go to the Original view but fails and only works on the Feed view?

Also, are you on dev? What’s your browser/OS? This may have been fixed on dev.

I’m on Feed view. Now sure if it’s trying to go to Original or not, but I’m not clicking on it. All other stories are marked as read automaticaly, when I hover with my mouse over them and that’s good. Only first 1-3 stories of every folder doesn’t want to mark as read automaticaly.

I’m not on dev, using Firefox on WinXP and Win7, happening on both systems.
Addons I’m using that could interfere with NB, but unlikely since they didn’t in past.
Adblock Plus

Attached is picture of problem.

Bingo. It’s because you locked the current story indicator (that red dorito on the left). And because it was locked too low, it didn’t get the stories above. I just unlocked it on your account. You can also click it to unlock/lock.

Not sure how I should fix that. I could prevent it from going more than 50% down the page, or mark everything above a certain story as read, but it’s not going to please everybody.


No need to fix anything then, I thought it was bug, didn’t know you lock that thing.


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