Firefox - Story view stopped working

For the last week or so I cannot get ‘story’ view to work on articles in FIrefox. When I hit the button or enter on my KB it just transitions to a white screen. It works fine on Chrome.

Is anyone else having this issue? I’m running Win7 x64 w/ Firefox 23.0 (was happening on 22.0 as well)



This is due to ‘mixed mode’ blocking that was introduced in Firefox 23:…

The blog entry shows how to disable the block for a site (such as Newsblur). You should see a shield icon to the left of the navigation bar; click this to disable.

Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply!

No problem James.

Unfortunately, this has to be done every time NewBlur is opened or refreshed. :frowning:

The block can be completely disabled in about:config but it’s not recommended for safety purposes.

That is annoying. Unfortunately there’s little I can do, as I’m loading images that sites provide me. I could provide a proxy, but that’s a ton of work. Maybe I’ll look into Cloudfront.

By the way, I’m working with the Firefox folks in trying to make this have better messaging. Follow along on Mozilla’s Bugzilla:…