find twitter friends not working

When I click the Find Twitter Friends button, authorize the app on Twitter, I get the spinning logo asking me to hold on for a smidgen. I’ve let it spin in the background this time, and it’s going on more than a half an hour now. How long is a smidgen? Or, is this broken?


Try reloading the window and seeing if your friends pop up in the Friends dialog after that. I think it’s just a bug with inter-tab communication.

I connected Twitter (FB connection is broken), but unchecked the option to automatically follow friends from there. However while it is connected (I can share stories out to twitter), I don’t see any sign of people I know from twitter? Possibly there just aren’t any, but seems surprising since I follow 1800+ people on Twitter (unless it only works for mutuals or something?).

Below the “social connections” section I do see “people to follow”, but they appear to be random? and I think it was there and the same before I connected to twitter.