Filters for Focused(Green Dot) Mode

Is there any plans to add filter folders/tags in the Focus(Green Dot) mode?

I’ll elaborate. The idea would be to have a section within focus mode, where you could see your stories broken down into tags/folders by the intelligence trainer. So it would basically be intelligence trainer to a more granular degree. It could be limited to filter tags/folders for individual feeds (i.e. The Verge -> Samsung Tag) or could be expanded to be global (i.e. All Stories -> Samsung Tag).
It could be added as a new section in the feeds navigation section under focus mode, just like ‘All site stories’, ‘Read Stories’, and ‘Saved Stories’ is now.

I love the intelligence trainer. Beast of a feature, but i think it could be developed to be even more crazy powerful.


Are there any plans to upgrade or develop the focus mode further?