Filter feeds with the same title across all feeds

It’s beeing said that newsblur can filter feeds but I’m receiving a lot of feeds with the same title across all my feeds, Newsblur is not hidding them neither marking then as “red”.

This option/idea would a great improvement for newsblur filter.

This is a classic support thread, I’ll say that. People have been wanting this since the beginning. But my view is that I have yet to see an example of this that spans more than a few feeds.

But I agree, this is a nice to have. The other thread, Key Word Filtering VS "Training" Feature, has to come first. I’ll go ahead and add a ticket for this, since it’s something that might get done when I finally hire a backend dev.

You can find this filtering working in as one example.
Thank you.

I would love to have this feature, too! A lot of newspapers just copy the stories from news agencies - so maybe three or four feeds always have the same stories. It quickly adds up if there is maybe 5-10 stories every day copied across five newspapers you have 25 to 100 duplicates… I would love to have a duplicate filter like in Inoreader and I think its biggest feature that newsblur doesnt have - but I will stay with newsblur as I like the filter training via selection of words much more than just typing…

Say more about this duplicate filter. The stories are near duplicates but not complete duplicates, right? Or do you just want an exact title search across all of your feeds that merges stories with the same title and within 24 hours of each other?


The duplicate title filter you mentioned would be fantastic. A lot of the items are even complete duplicates. I added feeds from different newspapers from different regions, but some of them contain the same items as they are supplied by the same editorial staff. So they just copy everything over to another feed.

By the way: Feedly has the same feature:

Filter out near-duplicate content from your feeds and keyword alerts.”

It would be fantastic, if you could add them. If you want make it possible to switch it off so the few comic fans will be happy as well.

I see, its not as easy as it seems to filter NEARLY identical articles. I found this article:

Duplicate filters require an incredible amount of backend horse-power to run. Inoreader has to process between 150 and 200 new articles every second! But every single article can potentially match one of the hundreds of thousands of filters or rules. And while with rules we have a static set of conditions, with duplicate filters Inoreader needs to compare every new article with thousands of other articles from the history of the filter, just for a single filter. And this has to happen within а few milliseconds after the article has been fetched, so it doesn’t reach your account.

As much as i really like the filtering method of newsblur, I think I have to switch just for this feature - and pay much more. On a single day it filtered out more than 200 duplicate articles! I hope there will be an update soon and we will be notified. I would be very happy to come back.

Anyway thanks a lot for your work!

Wow. If people (AKA “Customers”) have been asking for this from the beginning, and other Apps. can do this, why is this not being done in Newblur?

I’m leaning in this direction now and I think after the upcoming catalyst branch ships, I’ll work on this type of feature, since I want to encourage NewsBlur to be more “global” and reach across more feeds with its training.

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I appreciate this as training doesn’t serve my use case. I subscribe to as many Canadian news sources as I can and unfortunately they all cross-post the same wire content with one or two pieces of local journalism a day. The original content constantly changes in terms of authors, topics, etc. so it’s not really trainable. I don’t want to miss the original content but it’s fatiguing to scroll through so many duplicated articles in my feeds.