fetching your feeds stuck at 99%

The “fetching your feeds” progress bar at the lower left is stuck at 99%, which is 470 of 471 feeds. No indication of what feed it is stuck on. It has stayed that way for at least 10 minutes.

(Is that a new feature? I don’t remember seeing it in the past.)


This should be fixed in the new front-end rewrite. Check http://app02.newsblur.com/?letmein=1. I’ll be merging it with dev in the next day or two.

doh- I’m on the dev.newsblur.com version.

Nobody should be using app02, unless they want a ridiculous experience of broken features and odd bugs. But it’s beginning to stabilize and will get merged into dev very soon now. In fact, try it out and let me know if you spot any bugs.

yeah, app02 on my user doesn’t load any feeds. I can log in but cannot *do* anything.

Excellent. That bug has been fixed and pushed to app02. I just tested your account and it looks pretty good. Keep trying it out and let me know if anything is amiss. It should seem faster and better overall.