"Fetching Text" happening on multiple machines

for the past month, or so, I almost continually receive this message “Fetching Text” while in “Unread Stories” and fetching never completes. A lot of times I can go to “Read Stories” and see it, but a lot of times that doesn’t work either. This is happening on 2 separate machines using 2 or 3 different browsers, all of whose caches have been cleared. It usually happens after I’ve had the browser open for a bit, but no other tabs ever seem affected. Not real sure how to proceed, or if something needs to be reset on my account.


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I am experiencing the same issue. In my case, the “fetching text” progress bar fill up almost all the way, and then gets stuck there.

Can you post a full browser screenshot when this happens?

Samuel - I don’t know whether you cleaned cache on my account on your end, or worked some other sort of magic, but fetching text has been fine since you posted. Maybe it was just the threat of you looking into it :slight_smile:

If it happens again within the next few weeks, I’ll follow up on this thread.

Thanks again,

Well, I spoke too soon - happening again. Been sitting here for 10 minutes. Screenshot attached.

Here’s some screenshots from my end as well. In case it matters, I verified it happening under All Site Stories, in a folder with multiple feeds, and within an individual feed. The fetching text progress bar fills up very slowly (slower than when it is working correctly) until it is full, but then no article is shown. The issue is consistent across the all the feeds I checked (Polygon, Vice, Gamesindustry.biz, Autoblog, to name a few). However, it was working fine when I was reading through my feeds last night.