Fetch nodes possibly out of sync

some months ago I changed the URL of a feed I generate from .xml to .atom.

Reading my nginx log today I noticed that NewsBlur is sometimes still trying to fetch the old URL. (The correct URL though gets correctly fetched about 2 times/day.)

Doesn’t cause any problem to me, but I find that strange, so I thought it’d be better to report this.

From my nginx logs these are the nodes fetching the old URL:
access.log: [27/May/2014:05:27:33 +0200]
access.log.1: [19/May/2014:03:21:09 +0200]
access.log.2.gz: [11/May/2014:07:11:32 +0200]
access.log.4.gz: [03/May/2014:07:37:00 +0200]

I’m not providing the feed URL publicly as:
a) it’s a political blog;
b) I’m the only subscriber so it’s “private” (as in not searchable).
I’ll provide you the URL via e-mail if needed, though I repeat that I don’t have any actual problem with this feed, I’m only reporting just in case these nodes are completely out of sync even for other feeds.

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Looks like the fetchers are working correctly. NewsBlur fetches upwards of 7 million feeds a day. In this case, while you know the URL was switched, it was not properly redirected with a 301, so NewsBlur assumes that it may come back at any time. So it fetches every week or so just to check. It’s a drop in the bucket and it catches feeds that become resurrected.



Thank you for the explanation, I thought changing the URL of a feed with only 1 subscriber would delete the old one.

Sorry for the noise :slight_smile: