Feeds updating but folder they're in not updating!

Hi guys,

I have a folder called “((1 - Keysites” that has a bunch of feeds that update so frequently that there’s usually new posts for that folder every half hour or hour, minimum. (It includes a few feeds that update super super frequently.) However, in the last ~12 hours, it hasn’t updated once – and all the feeds in that folder show zero update! The interesting part: when I go into some individual feeds within that folder, the feeds themselves show updates – but not on the folder level. One example is Techcrunch. Techcrunch has a dozen unread articles, but on the folder level, it keeps on showing me that everything is read! Please let me know if this can be fixed or if I can do something differently. Thank you! morgan


PS: More details: I’ve discovered that, if I click on one particular feed, then the folder updates *with just the new articles from that one feed*. I hope this helps debug the problem.

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