Feeds un-renaming after OPML import?

Hey! So I’m currently using Feedly and less than impressed with the direction they’re going, so it’s time for a change.

However, some of the feeds I imported seem to be losing their custom title.

To start off with, I did an Account - Delete all of my sites to start from a clean slate here. I then grabbed my OPML from Feedly and imported here and at first glance everything looked great!

I selected a few feeds to use for testing and left the rest disabled. I then went to Choose your 64 and enabled a couple YouTube feeds and their title/name reverted to the YouTube-supplied title, losing the custom name that was imported from the OPML.

It looks like I can rename it back, and at least so far the change is sticking. Any idea why it is undoing the custom name despite it being successfully imported? Anything I can do to rename them back in bulk or will I need to do it one-by-one?

I’m afraid you’ll have to rename them one-by-one as custom names from OPML is not supported. I can see the reason why you’d want that, but I also can see why it wouldn’t be the ideal solution as OPMLs are not always well formed and NewsBlur rightfully assumes that the feed should have its own title unless renamed in NewsBlur.

I mean, fair enough, but why do they show up with the right title only to snatch it away? It is almost like it is mocking me :slight_smile: – I’m assuming it just fills the title on the first fetch?

Would a “trust metadata on OPML import” be a worthwhile feature request or too narrow a use-case? I’m fine with that decision.

Update: I decided to bang away at the API. Aside from my miserably limited/rusty programming skills, it went smoothly. While I still think it would be useful to trust my input (at least optionally), for my own purposes I can attack the API as needed in the future.

Thanks again!