Feeds not updating

I’ve noticed since this morning that most of my feeds are not updating. The last feed was time stamped 3 hours ago and I have a lot of news feeds that would be updating a lot more often than that. I have a couple of more on my Android app, but still not what I would normally be seeing.

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I have the same situation

Same for me, although I first noticed the problem around 10:00 p.m. EST yesterday

Only two feeds (of 11) updated. Last I checked would have been last night EST.

insta fetch will update the feeds
prefer to have it automatic :slight_smile:

Yes, same here. The problem started for me late on Thursday evening

I have about 10% of the feeds that refresh. I have to use the Insta-Fetch function on the others. I noticed this problem at 8:30 a. m. (EST).

Looks like the database maintenance I did last night had an issue. I’ve drained the task pool and thinks are looking good again. Thanks for being so vigilant!


Thanks, Samuel!

As usual right on top of it, thanks Samuel for the quick fix , this is why I love this app so much.  :slight_smile: