Feeds imported incorrectly from Reader

Okay, I can’t test every single 564 feed I have (since I’d have to subscribe for that; I’m really thinking of it but these issues are a bit troubling), but I’ve found 2 out of 64 in which the wrong feeds were imported:

  1. for some reason I’ve got subscribed to all MSDN blogs. I have three MSDN blogs in my reader:




I can see the second one in the list but I guess either IEBlog or The Old New Thing messes things up.

  1. I’m subscribed to one category in rlslog but I get the entire site:


P.S. I’d still love to have, say, a one-month $3 trial for this exact reason. Moving this much feeds from one app to another is not an easy thing…

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So I want to fix all of your sites, but I’m not sure what happened. I checked those three sites and they all work:


Are your subscriptions different than those?

As for the last feed, it works as well:


Are you just not subscribed to those feeds?

I think we have a slight miscommunication :slight_smile:

So, first, I am definitely subscribed to all four, at least in Google Reader where I’m importing from. The newsblur links give me the correct sites and the correct rss urls (altho the second one ends with ‘atom.aspx’ instead of ‘atom.xml’)…

So this leads me to beleive that something is being messed up at importing. It’s worth noting that Newsblur says I have 564 feeds; and I just checked in Reader and I actually have 566, so there’s two missing.

Checking in the ‘choose your 64’ page in newsblur, I see IEBlog and Old New Thing missing; that might explain some of the difference of the two missing feeds.

The basic problem is, that instead of getting those four feeds I’ve listed originall in newsblur, I get:

  • a feed with all msdn blogs (which I’m _not_ subscribed to in reader) and the second one (sorting it all out) with ieblog and the old new thing missing
  • a feed with all rlslog items instead of just the category feed

after a full reimport from Reader.

Okay, done some more testing. Exported my OPML in Reader, imported in newsblur.

It imported 565 sites out of 566 (don’t know which one is missing atm)

now it’s messed up in a different way:

  • IEBlog is imported, but the feed URL is actually for all MSDN feeds
  • Sorting it all out imported correctly
  • The Old New thing is missing (I guess that’s the 566th one)
  • RLSLog movies is imported, but the feed url is actually for all entries

I think newsblur has a brawl with MSDN blogs :wink:

Found another error: Mark Russinovich’s blog (feed URL:
http://blogs.technet.com/b/markrussin…) gets imported but the URL is changed to an error URL which I forgot to save and now that I’ve fixed it by hand in Newsblur, it works fine after I re-import the OPML.

Do I assume correctly that newsblur actually tracks, say, sites, instead of feed URLs? and it tries to associate the feed urls to sites, and a site may have multiple feed urls with the same content. I guess that is where something gets messed up.

I used to perform very aggressive feed de-duplication by checking the original site and trying to find the correct feed, which would oftentimes result in the wrong feed being found. I went ahead and removed all found dupes for MSDN, so if you import again you should find that they go to the correct place. Let me know, I’d love to get this fixed once and for all.

Well this is getting weirder and weirder :slight_smile:

So I went ahead, re-imported the OPML. Then the wizard got into a weird loop:

  1. “Let’s get some sites to you to read”
  2. “Importing your sites”
  3. “You are subscribed to 567 sites”
  4. “Importing sites”
  5. “You are subscribed to 566 sites”

and then it’s an infinite loop that goes around and around:

  1. “Let’s get some sites to you to read”
  2. “Importing sites”
  3. “You are subscribed to 566 sites”

Like a carousel, every few seconds changing to the next screen.

But it does succeed, I just press “Next”.

Anyways, all three MSDN blogs import just fine now.

However, RLSLog import is still broken: it says “RLSLog Movies” yet I get the full feed, not the category feed.

OK, try on RLSLog now. I removed all of the incorrect dupes, so you should be able to subscribe to the category feed. And keep these coming! I’d love to fix more sites.