Feeds from livejournal stopped updating

The feeds from LiveJournal has not been updating correctly for about two months. RSS/ATOM feeds are available in browser but the Newsblur server gets error 403 almost every time, that is reflected in statistics page. Errors are the same for all the feeds from LiveJournal.

They have bot policy here LiveJournal Bot Policy, for instance to add user agent to the headers, not to send more than 5 requests per second. Maybe Newsblur bot has been blocked? In this case please contact their webmaster by email from the page.

Well that’s annoying. We’re sending very few requests to LiveJournal, so it’s certainly not more than 5/second. Look at that log, this blog is being fetched once every 2 days because it’s 403’ing. If you go to Statistics, you’ll see how often it would be fetched if it were healthy.

I suggest reaching out to them and ask them to allow NewsBlur. Here’s a list of NewsBlur IP addresses: https://www.newsblur.com/api/ip_addresses/

I opened a ticket in their user support and will tell you about the result (if they ever reply).

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They are asking me for exact IP address (not a list of them) and full text of the response with error 403.

Please send the exact contents of the 403 response and IP address from which the request was made. LiveJournal support are asking me for the example.

That url I posted above has all of our IP addresses.