Feeds fail to delete

Whenever I confirm deletion of a feed, the feed dissapears from the sidebar, however upon returning later or when the feed updates, it will be back in the sidebar as if it was never deleted.

This may or may not be linked to another issue I have where marking something as read doesn’t persist after closing the browser/tab.


They should definitely be deleted. What’s your username and what’s the feed? I can try to delete it, meanwhile figuring out why it isn’t working.

Thanks, my username is chr0n1x, and one of the feeds (among many) is raspberrypi.org, which has the title “Comments for Raspberry Pi”.

This brings up another issue, that particular feed seems to revert to the comments feed, even if I specifically ask for the story feed. (That’s why I’m deleting it)

I seem to be suffering this issue as well. Was it ever fixed?

Of course it was. Ian, what’s the issue exactly?

I am a new user and am wondering not how to delete a feed but delete a post from a feed from reappearing. I am a convert from Google Reader and am used to unwanted posts clearing out once it is scrolled through. There is probably an obvious answer, but I am too technologically challenged to figure it out.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for responding!

I am currently a free user (but interested in Premium if I can get things working), and imported more than 64 feeds from Google Reader before it shut down.

I am trying to delete feeds from the main UI on the website, by Right-Clicking, then Delete This Site, then Really Delete.

I’ll then go and turn that feed off from the page with the 64 sites I want to follow, and enable another feed I want to look at.

Initially the original feed does disappear from the UI, however upon returning to the Newsblur website at a later time (even just a couple of minutes), the feed re-appears.

Also, on the 64 sites I can follow, the second feed I enabled is turned off again.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, or you need more info :slight_smile: My username is (boringly) ianmcmillan.


Not sure if this warrants a new thread or not, however the behaviour I describe above is definitely what is still happening for my account.

Hi Samuel,

Is this a general issue, or possibly account specific?

That’s not really deleting a site as it is disabling it. There’s some bugs around the feed chooser that I haven’t investigated, since it only affects free users and isn’t that bad. The easiest fix is to upgrade.