Feeds don't refresh after suspend

This is a minor issue, but it’s a little niggle that has been around for a while.

I have Newsblur open in a tab in Chrome permanently. All the way through the day it updates continuously as you would expect. I put my laptop in suspend at the end of the day, and then wake it up again in the morning.

Anything that came in overnight doesn’t appear in Newsblur, however long I wait. This is fixed with a quick ‘F5’ to refresh it, but it would be nice if it picked stuff up without have to force it to.


Yes I hit this issue every day, would be great if it could be solved.

I put some code in to handle this type of wake up. It looks like it broke in a recent version of Chrome. When I get back from vacation in late June I’ll see if I can fix this. This would drive me mad as well.

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I didn’t think that it had worked at all at any point since at least the start of 2017, and I use Newsblur on Chrome pretty much every day (because it’s great).

A fix at some point would be lovely. Enjoy your vacation!

Yeah I don’t remember it ever working, I’ve been using Firefox for the last 18 months.