Feeds are not loading, cannot read stories

After i select a feed to read,  it returns a message saying: Loading. After a while it returns the message: No stories to read.
It occurs with all my feeds.

The only way to read my feeds with no problems is to delete NewsBlur and install it again, after login i can read all of them immediately.
This workaround works one day, where i can read the feeds and stories ok, then, the problem appears again,  and then i have to delete and reinstall NewsBlur again to solve it.
I am using the default options to configure it.

This problem occurs from my android device only. I can read all my feeds and stories from a laptop with Windows with no problem at all.

I appreciate your help to solve this problem


app version: 4.3.1b1
android version: 5.0.2
device: Sony C6902 (MSM8974)
username: luiscarlos98
memory: normal
speed: 26 feeds in  conn:1004 read:5 parse:74 store:126
premium: no
prefetch: no
keepread: no

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We have a known bug that should be getting patched up soon.  In the meantime, it should be sufficient to log out and back in to clear it.

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