Feedlist Sidebar Not Loading


I loaded NewsBlur on my main browser (Chromium on Linux) and could not get the sidebar to show my feedlists. All that appeared was the loading icon and message: “Everything is on its way…”

Exited out and loaded it into an Incognito tab w/ all extensions disabled to no avail.

Then I loaded it into Firefox Nightly and everything worked fine; all feedlists in the sidebar for my account loaded. Given this, I am sure it is a Chromium-specific problem, but still thought I should post it here.

Hopefully a future Chromium update will resolve this on its own.

Thanks for the great webapp regardless. It’s my most-visited site ever.


Exactly as I suspected, this issue is completely resolved after an update to Chromium.

Feedlist sidebar shows all my feeds. All is well!

Great news!