Feed view : list only

It could be great to have a new view like that :
A list of our feeds and when we click on it, the feed unfolds to be read. When we click on an other feed, the previous feed folds and the new one unfolds.

I say that because I don’t like very much the double form with the feeds “opens” and the list of feeds …
What do you think ?


This would be a nice option for a new view! I always used that view with Google Reader - it was very nice to scan a list of posts and open one on the same pane

Unless I’m misunderstanding, this is available now on dev.newsblur.com - List view (upper right panel - as opposed to Split view).


Ooooh, thanks! I totally missed that!

Btw, I had posted something similar here - https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

Thanks a lot, this is perfect …

The solution is to use this url :
and choose “list” (upper right panel)

and not this one :

Much needed. I’m going to use the dev now. It has new UI :smiley: