"Feed" view - Articles automatically marked as read just by moving mouse

It’s excruciatingly frustrating when using “feed” view that articles are automatically marked as read just by moving the mouse over them. I constantly have to manually “mark as unread” after opening each site due to accidentally tripping the automatic read.

Is there any way to make the “mark as read” functionality work on scroll instead so that it’s the same as Google Reader and any other rss app works?

For now I’m sticking with Feedly because although the workflow is more painful it’s not as painful as this.


If you click the orange triangle marker on the left side of the view, you can lock it in position near the top of the screen. Then articles will be marked as read only when they pass that point.


So that’s what that thing is good for, thanks… think this should be the default behavior, much less distracting too!