feed titles wrong in iphone app

Fairly often I have feeds in the app that temporarily display the wrong name in the main list. If I click through, they show me the right number of unread stories for a feed that I am expecting to be in that folder. When I go back to the main list, the names of the feeds refresh. The feed I was just in is generally correct, but others are wrong. I just updated to the new version of the app, but this was a problem before the update as well.


I get the same thing, before and after the update. Not a big deal to me, but kind of weird. :slight_smile:

Loving the new sort in the app, by the way.

I have the same issue too. The names of the feeds don’t refresh properly, especially when you scroll up and down the list of feed names. This is happening with the latest version but I think it was ok with version 1.5.

I get this too, although pretty infrequently. And I’m afraid I have no idea what the cause is. I’m on the lookout for it, but I can’t imagine why it would work 99% of the time, and then occasionally cache the wrong feed title. Ugh.

OK, this has been fixed and will go out with the next release, due out within the next month. It has a brand new page traversal, and a startling number of bugs fixes and improvements.