Feed searches returning defunct feed paths

I killed the feedburner feed for my website weeks ago, and am now using a native RSS feed for my site. Why is the defunct feedburner feed still showing up in searches for my site on Newsblur?

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Not exactly sure what you mean. You deleted a feed and it still shows up when you search All Site Stories?

I have a wordpress website. The RSS feeds for my site were being serviced by Feedburner. I recently switched to Feedblitz and killed the Feedburner account. Recently, as in, three weeks ago. The URL previously used for the feedburner RSS feed is thus dead. An error message will be returned if that URL is checked. Yet, the URL STILL turns up in NewsBlur searches under ‘mysite’ (e.g. feeds.feedburner.com/mysite) That kind of bums me out. The only legitimate feed for my site now should be www.mysite.com/feed