Feed refresh interval is really long.

Why is the refresh interval so long? It is sometimes several minutes (even with a Premium account, which is supposed to refresh “up to 10x faster” than non-premium accounts), whereas Google’s Reader was much faster at refreshing.

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I’m working on it. You’re probably referring to some single subscribe feeds that don’t publish often. Those times are going to be smashed, but only over time. I’m ratcheting up feed fetches (now 2MM a day!) constantly, but as I turn up fetching, things start to break. I fix those breakages, and then continue increasing it. That’s the scaling work that I’ve been doing for the past two weeks and have about a week left.

Sounds good. Scaling is hard, I get that :slight_smile:

Looking at the stats for one of the feeds that don’t get updated very often (NB says there are 18 subscribers to that feed (3.2k on Reader)), it looks like it gets updated fetched ~30 minutes on NB.

The stats for the same feed on Reader say that it has on average 172.9 new posts per week, so it updates pretty often (assuming that they post most of their stuff in an 8-hour window every day, that would give an average of (7*8*60)/172.9=19.43 minutes between posts, but it’s usually less than that.)

Thanks for the quick response!