Feed recently limited to 10 (from 100) posts a day?

I only have a couple of feeds that still produce content, but I noticed that one of them used to show up to 100 posts per day and has recently been showing only 10. It’s the only feed that has that many posts, so I’m not sure if it’s a setting somewhere in Newsblur, or something that the site has done. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Here’s the code that handles this (it reads like english):

What’s the newsblur.com/site/<feed_id> of the feed when loaded on the web? I can see what’s the story, but it’s likely because it isn’t being read or published infrequently.

Hey, thanks for the response. The URL for the feed is:
I hope that’s what you were asking for.

There used to be many dozens of posts a day, and now, as I said, I only ever see a max of 10.


So yes, it is being limited to 10 stories, and that’s because NewsBlur thinks nobody is reading it. Are you marking it as read without opening any of the stories? Are you on the web or iOS or android app?

I use a web browser, Firefox, and I usually do just scroll through the feed looking at the pictures, then mark them read. I sometimes click on am image that I like, but rarely.

If I click on a few stories through Newsblur, do you think it would go back to 100 stories?


Yep, that’ll do it.

Any chance to apply such more extensive limit to other feeds?
I have literally one that regularly hits the ceiling at 100 or slightly more posts, but they publish even more until I happen to recheck it (and I do it 2-3 times a day).

Thanks again for your help! Just one more followup. Should I click on the story title, taking me through to read the actual web page? Or just click on the story body, which just marks that single story as read in Newsblur?

You just need to read a story at a minimum of once a month. That involves clicking on the story and seeing it go from unread to a read state.