Feed reads itself

all items in this feed http://www.tagesschau.de/xml/rss2 appear read since a couple of days.

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Did you just add the feed? Do you have it set to Oldest first or Unread only?

I have this feed since I singed up 1+year ago. I did not change any settings, including the ones you mentioned. The feed worked fine until last monday (im not sure about the exact time (EU)). All new items are read, even though there are quite a lot every day.

What’s the NewsBlur url of the feed? I’d love to take a look and see if it happens to me.

It works now again. There was an item dated 22.10. 7pm since last week, all other items where sorted before and somehow never appeared unread. Now that there are later dated posts again, they work.

I wonder how many posts i might have missed this way.

Is this caused by NB implementation or did the site violate rss specifications?