Feed Polling Frequency

We have a premium account and it looks like our feeds weren’t being checked regular. One had not been checked for 6 hours and when I looked at the feed in my browser it had new items.

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If you look at the stats it’ll tell you how often it’s being checked, and why.

If you want anyone to be able to tell you anything you’ll need to give us the newsblur link to the feed.

Hi David,

I checked the stats and the polling frequency is every 6 hours. Is this normal for a premium account? It says around ten times per day, but I am only seeing two.

RE Feed Link: Sorry, I’m not sure how public this forum is so I’m reluctant to post the links. Is there a private channel where I can ask these questions?


The polling frequency depends on a number of factors, including how often the feed is updated, the number of NewsBlur susbscribers to the feed, etc. In general, the more often the feed is updated, the more often it will be polled and the more subscribers it has, the more often it will be polled.

There’s no security risk in posting the NewsBlur links. They are specific to the feed (which is, by definition, public), not to the user.

Premium feeds always update at least once an hour unless it’s either not had any posts for months, or is using push. If it’s using push then it’ll say real-time and have push stats bottom right of the stats thing.

The only other thing would be if the feed host is rate limiting stuff, I know there have been issues with google blocking newsblur, other places might be the same.

If none of that applies, then email the feed to Samuel as he’s the only one with access to find out what’s happening.

@DavidSev. Unfortunately, the 1-hour rate is not true. I am a premium user and I have several feeds in my list where I am the only subscriber, with 10 - 15 posts a month, that update only once every 4 - 6 hours. In my experience feeds with only 1 premium subscriber need to get to at least 25 posts per month before they get to the 1 - 1.5 hour polling rate. Since I don’t care that much about polling rate (I tend to read in large batches just once or twice a day) this is not a problem for me.