Feed only loading a handful of items at a time

My feed is only loading 12 items at a time (and I have 1500 unread items). After the initial load when I open the page, there is no movement.


What’s your username? Browser/OS?

My username is sophie, and I’m using Chrome on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Also, I’ve been using dev.newsblur in case that makes a difference. It seems when I’m solely in “feed” mode it loads as it should, but if I arrow to “text” mode then it won’t load more items (even if I go back to “feed”).


What is the NewsBlur URL when this happens? I need it to see if you are in a feed or a folder, and if it’s a specific feed.


I’m not able to reproduce the issue. I can scroll your story titles list infinitely. What are you hitting to go between stories?

Usually the down arrow, sometimes j. Must be an issue with Chrome, thanks for checking it out!