Feed Not Storing >200 Stories

I’ve seen a few other feedback items debating whether feeds should have a limit on unread story count or a limit on how old stories can be before they disappear or get marked as read. I honestly don’t care which is implemented, but what I do care about is that the limit is, at present, too low.

I am very busy during the week and tend to catch up on my news over the weekend. For feeds like HackerNews, the apparant 200-story limit causes me to miss out on things after only a few days, let alone a few weeks (as would happen during a vacation).

Please up the limits if at all possible. Data loss is no fun. I would happily pay a little extra to offset storage costs.


Yup, it’s a limitation of the current system. If the site is more popular (more subscribers on NewsBlur), up to 500 stories are stored. I hope to increase this to an infinite amount within the next year.

Also, if there are premium subscribers, that limit is also boosted. If you’re not premium yet, going premium would serve to boost that limit.

I have a premium account, but I still see my feeds limited to 500 stories (Hacker News) or 200 stories (PyPi Recent Updates). Should I be seeing higher limits now? Thanks!

That’s the number for both popular sites (HN) and premium single-user sites. I sincerely hope to increase this to an infinite amount within the next year. I have big visions for a DynamoDB/managed db solution that will relieve many of my headaches.

Any update on this? I have feeds that are still capped at 200.


Any updates on this? We’re still definitely capped at 200 or 500 depending on popularity, even with premium accounts.

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Also, does this limit apply in any way to saved stories? I was saving stories hoping I could reference them for posterity.

Nope, the limit does not apply to saved stories.

What exactly is the limit for?
I’m a premium user and I have some feeds that old stories disappear when they’re < 1 month old.
I use newsblur almost exclusive for webcomics/webnovels RSS feeds (plus a couple of tumblr feeds).
Those things I really don’t want to disappear because then I lose my place.

For some of these feeds, I had 60 unread, and then I sign in today to see only 12 unread.
Is it supposed to be 500/200 for each site? Or is it 500/200 total combined with all my sites?

I understand you’re planning on changing it to unlimited which is cool, but I’d appreciate knowing if I’m suffering from some bug and/or misunderstanding the current limitations.