feed not parsed when url has a trailing /

I imported some feeds from google reader and newsblur was reporting them as invalid.

After a little investigation I realised that the feed url I’ve been using has a trailing slash e.g.


newsblur doesn’t like the trailing slash so I need to take it off.

It might be a simple feature addition to remove the trailing slash when adding or importing the url.

I’ll amend all my existing feeds with this format.




Strange… I just successfuly added the feed you’re saying here with the trailing slash in my account. It was added and parsed without problems.

Hmmmm, something else must be going on then. Maybe it only happens when imported from google reader, but when added manually it works. Oddness. I’m having to amend all my feeds in this format. And most work when I do, but some still fail.

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Not sure if this was a generic problem or if it was just something that happened when importing my Google reader feed while the server was under load.

For my imported feeds that report an error, some work fine if I amend the url to remove the /

Others I simply delete it and resubscribe with the same url. So the problem wasn’t with the trailing / it was with the import routine.