Feed not displaying story images properly

My NME feed (Music News – NME) is no longer showing images properly. Instead of them being pre-loaded when I scroll through multiple stories, every story has to load the images after the text appears & then they fade in. This is incredibly annoying and takes forever to scroll through these stories now. It was working perfectly fine last week. Does anybody have any advice and/or solutions? Thanks!

Looking OK to me, this is what I’m seeing:

Correct, it displays ok, but it’s the loading of the photos that’s an issue. I have to physically wait till they load now, seriously hindering the amount of time it takes to quickly scan through the feed. I’ll do a screen capture video & post back here. Thanks!

Oh interesting, then it is almost certainly due to a browser extension. I suggest taking a look at them and turning them off until NewsBlur comes back to normal (may take a reload of the page). I haven’t launched anything to the web app is a while because I’ve been working on the redesign at beta.newsblur.com.

Hmm, interesting since it’s only that feed, I have about 30 other feeds that work just like they always have. Hmm. I will still go through my plugins nonetheless. Gotcha, makes perfect sense, you’ve been very busy! Thanks!

I went through all my extensions and none of them are causing this issue. What’s interesting is that I tried the Beta and NME works perfectly fine on there.