Feed not comping up as unread

For at least a week, my Topless Robot (http://www.toplessrobot.com/rss.xml) has not been displaying any unread items. If I click on the feed, all of the posts are there, but they are all marked read. There is also one item in the feed that says that the date is 10/23/13 that links to an article that doesn’t exist so maybe that is causing it. I haven’t done any training on this feed to explain why they wouldn’t come up and as far as I know this is the only feed doing it.

Regardless, I love NewsBlur and think you’re doing a great job!


Good news! I took care of both that feed (I killed the October 2013 story) and the underlying issue, which is an accidentally far future publish date. Thanks!

Less than a 2 hour response on a small random issue on a Sunday night. That’s why you rock! Thanks!

The 10/13 article is gone, but the feed is still only coming in as read.