Feed loading and refresh very slow

For the last two days, Newsblur has been very slow while loading or refreshing feeds. The blue progress bar spins for a long time. If I force a broswer refresh (shift-reload), new feed content displays immediately, but the problem recurs shortly thereafter. I am not noticing lag on other sites, just Newsblur.

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This is on Safari, Mac 10.11.1

Also of note: the problem comes and goes. It is not constant, but when it happens, a reload fixes it.

Well, there have been a few instances of network latency the past few days, but you probably wouldn’t even have noticed it. Do you run any browser extensions? Those always seem to be the culprit.

I will check that. All I run is Ad Block and 1Password. I will also add Newsblur to the adblock exceptions so it does not run there.

Yep, it’s Adblock.