Feed has invalid "Reading view" setting (or something)

I have a feed that somehow got into a slightly weird state. When I click on my “shirt.woot” feed (http://shirt.woot.com/blog/feed.rss, newsblur account aubilenon), items show up in the story titles pane, but not in the main pane. I can read the stories by either individually selecting them from the story titles pane. Also, if I click on the folder that contains that feed, everything shows up correctly in the main pane.

I’m pretty sure this feed used to behave normally for me, but I couldn’t tell you when it started acting funny - it’s been like this for at least a week.

The status bar at the top shows “text” as selected and the correct story count. When I look at the site settings, no reading view radio button is selected.

I expect that if I choose a reading view mode from the feed settings, then this feed would behave like normal. But I’m holding off on that in case the current DB state is useful for figuring out how it got in this state in the first place.


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So the feed view choice in Feed Settings is the same as the top bar with the Feed/Text/Story views. If you’re in Text view, a story needs to be selected. I used to auto-select the first story in Text view, but that was incorrect. You can just hit ‘Next Unread’ to get to it.

If you click on Feed view, do the stories come back?

Okay, that explains what’s going on. Probably I accidentally clicked “text” at some point, and that got remembered automatically. I don’t normally use any view other than “feed” so I didn’t know how they work. (Added tag: PEBKAC)

The site settings doesn’t have an option for “Text” - only “Original”, “Feed”, and “Story” are present - so I guess that’s still a bug, if minor.