Feed Has 100+ Bogus Stories With NB URLs

I’ve been subscribed to the following feed since I started using NB:

(aka: vgcats.com)

Normally they update once a month or so, and the story shows up correctly. As of today when I checked NB, there were 100+ ‘new’ stories, all with the same title as the most recent valid story, and they all pointed to URLs like:


rather than URLs on the original source site.

After some investigation, it does appear as if their RSS feed is acting up, no longer vending correct data. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see hundreds of bogus stories, rather than some sort of error message.


Yup, this is a dupe of https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…. Unfortunately not much I can do. It’s falling into a very thin error case where one broken story is getting through.