Feed From historylink.org and Issues With Busted Encodings

The following feed is being parsed into stories allright, but the target URLs of said stories are busted:


It looks pretty clearly like a URL-encoding issue, and I even suspect the fault could be on their side with how they’re encoding their RSS. (the error messages indicate they’re running MS ISS, so I guess we shouldn’t expect much!)

Is there any sane amount of fixup NewsBlur could do on URLs to handle messy encoding issues? I can’t imagine this is the only site that will screw up this way.

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So I checked the site and it looks like the URLs (permalinks) work fine. Example: http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?... Has this been fixed on their end, perhaps?

Yeah, was just about to reply to this and ask if the fix was on your end or theirs. I’ve had most of the stories work over the last day with the exception of one with an ampersand in the URL (WTF WHO DOES THAT GRR). If you didn’t change anything, I’m guessing they got their act together!