Feed for Peter Watts blog doesn't load

Newsblur doesn’t seem to be able to load this feed: http://www.rifters.com/crawl/?feed=atom (this feed works in Google Reader) - is it a problem Newsblur can fix? Or should I report an issue to the feed author?


Same problem here. It’s the only one of my feeds that won’t load. And it loads in other readers…

It’s sort-of a problem with the feed. One of the posts has some URL-encoded images embedded in the story text, making the feed very large (something like 2-3 MB, IIRC). This is over whatever size limit NB has on feed XML, so it fails to load.

Fix would be to either:

  1. bump up the size NB can allocate to reading a feed; could potentially impact performance if malicious user(s) decide to point NB at multiple large feeds
  2. get Peter to change those images into normal linked images, instead of embedding all of the data in the feed

Temporary fix: use a feed URL that excludes categories of the offending posts (used “writing news” tag for post “Slepogled” and “deep sea” for “Did I call it? Did I call it?”)

Use http://www.rifters.com/crawl/?feed=at…

Eventually the offending posts will age out of the feed and the tag restrictions can be removed from the feed URL. I added the modified feed URL and NB now loads again.