Feed entries not showing in some views

I thought that one of my feeds (http://trn.trains.com/rss/news-wire) wasn’t updating, since it’s not displaying any entries newer than March 14th. Today I noticed on the Newsblue dev site that the entries from the last week are visible in the raw text of the Original view, but don’t show at all in Feed, Text, or Story view. (Those newer entries display fully on Google Reader and The Old Reader.) Anyone know what’s going on, or have any suggestions?


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Click on the All * Unread button at the top of the story titles pane. That should say how often the feed is updated. You can right-click on the feed to insta fetch the stories, in case you think there should be some more stories.

Part of the scaling work I’m doing is making feeds fetch way more often, so if it’s too slow, that will change over the next month.

Thanks, Samuel. The problem actually doesn’t seem to be the fetch schedule – that’s happening successfully every half-hour or so. The problem is that the last few days of fetched stories appear as unformatted text in the “Original” view, but do not appear at all in any of the other views, or in the mobile apps. I’m wondering if something has changed in the way that Newsblur is parsing the fetched data, that’s keeping the entries from showing up anywhere but in the Original view?