Feed doesn't load new items after the initial load on access

When I’m scrolling through “ALL SITE STORIES” with a lot of unread items even though there are still plenty of unread items it stops at the end of the ones initially loaded. This is really annoying as I can’t just keep reading and have to press the “ALL SITE STORIES” again. I’ve had this happen in both chrome and firefox and it happens consistently to me.


I think I know why this happens. It seems to be caused by me minimizing down the bottom pane with the post list. If I open that back up I can keep on reading and see the blue load bar at the bottom of the page when I hit the bottom of the currently loaded items. Perhaps something getting disabled when the bottom pane is minimized?

Are you a premium member? At the end of my (non-premium) bottom pane it says “The full River of News is a premium feature.”

I am indeed a premium member. Just pulled the plug on Google Reader and this and the keyboard shortcut bugs I’ve reported are the things I’ve hit so far.

It’s a little frustrating to not be getting any kind of reply on this issue. I encounter it daily and it makes using newsblur highly frustrating. Using a feed reader is all about removing friction from reading a lot of blogs and this issue adds random frustrating steps to the process. Newsblur seems to have an extremely long feature list and yet still be buggy on the basics.

If you’re still running behind getting the scaling done for the google reader influx I understand. My suggestion would be to focus 100% on bugfixing and scaling for the next few months instead of any feature additions. Maybe that’s already whats being done.

This should be working fine now as the redesign should have addressed this issue.

I’ve had it happen today, and I’ve been using dev.newsblur.com from the start.

I also run into this problem all of the time. Very annoying. I like to hit ‘n’ to go through all my articles, but it stops once it runs into a feed that has a new article since the initial load. I’m on Chrome and am premium.