Feed claims new stories available, but "No stories to read".

Essence is in the title. In the summary, feed marked as having new stories, and the site I follow actually has new stories (and the count of new stories increases, when new stories appear on the  actual site). But I cannot read stories :frowning:

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I am also having this issue…I haven’t changed any settings! Help! When I click on the individual sites the stories appear but not when trying to use the “All site stories” this occurs on the web, mobile apps work ok

The feed having problem behaves OK after couple of days of showing the issue.

Was this some infra issue that was resolved?

This is what I get…no stories.  If I choose individual feeds, then I can read stories.  Hope this is something that is in the works to be fixed or someone can talk about what is happening…surprised that there is no response from anyone about this…

I thought we fixed the issue here. Anyway, one of your unread feeds has a database issue, where the database is out of sync with the stories. I’m not sure why it’s happening, but you can figure it out by checking the feeds individually, and when you find the broken feed, right-click on it and insta-fetch stories. That forces a re-sync.

But this should be happening automatically on every feed fetch. Why it’s breaking down is news to me. I’m investigating why.

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